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21V singers performing in concert

Summer Appeal 2024

Where voices rise, horizons expand, and change takes flight.

Welcome to a dynamic and inclusive approach to vocal artistry. We're a revolution of soprano and alto voices, all genders united, weaving a tapestry of 21st-century music from the heart of the Americas.

Upcoming Performances

21V's graphic, an italics letter "V" with a music note visible inside

2024-2025 Season Announcement Coming Soon!

We don't just sing. We ignite. We are a catalyst for change, pushing the boundaries of choral expression with every note. 

We're a house of ideas, where unexplored sonic landscapes unfold and artistic possibilities blossom.

Dr. Martín Benvenuto, our Artistic Director, about to take a bow while standing in front of the choir.
21V logo section

This isn't just a choir. It's a vibrant tapestry woven with threads of inclusivity, artistry, and a burning desire to ignite positive change. 

"For me, 21V represents a house of ideas where new music meets the opportunities of the world in which we live."

– Martín Benvenuto, Founder and Artistic Director

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